Stag’s Hollow

Stag’s Hollow is another favourite winery.

It was established in 1995 and is located a few minutes south of Okanagan Falls. Stag’s Hollow has experienced tremendous growth, received many accolades and awards, and the wines have dramatically improved over the past decade.

OMG Productions Stags Hollow
Stainless Steel wine barrels.

One of the best merlots I have ever consumed in my life was from Stag’s Hollow.

Recently we were treated to a personal tour of Stag’s Hollow’s winemaking area by their onsite wine maker Dwight Sick. We interrupted him while he was intensely focussed in his lab but after a few tastings of his product the pride of his craft was pouring out generously.

Stag's Hollow OMG Productions
Stag’s Hollow Private Tasting

Dwight provided pre-bottled tastings direct from the barrels. He used what looked like a giant eye dropper or turkey baster and sucked the wine out of the barrels and dropped samples into our glass.

OMG Productions Stag's Hollow
Stag’s Hollow Vineyards

It was much more personal than a regular wine tasting and felt like an half hour wine class.

Dwight’s vocabulary to describe the flavours in his wines was equal to the delicious and tantalizing liquid swirling around in our glasses and slurping down our throats.

He used words like “angled”, “rich”, “textured”, “flat”, “growing”,  “young”,  “oxidized” and “fresh”.  Words that we tried using ourselves to no avail. The wine was either good, great, amazing, gorgeous, or damn-that’s-good.

OMG Productions Stags Hollow
More Stag’s Hollow Please

Stag’s Hollow is located only a three minute walk – yes walk –  south of Wild Goose Vineyards. Hence the two wineries are uber-convenient for visit.

They are also expanding with a much larger tasting room and private event room with remarkable views over the vineyards.


OMG Productions Stag's Hollow
Stag’s Hollow Vineyards – the view.