OMG Wine Series

Wine. God’s gift to humanity. Hashtag wine. #wine

Nothing like the first sip of a chilled gris on a warm summer afternoon or a slurp of pinot noir on a cool winter night.

Welcome to the OMG Wine Series.

OMG Productions Vaseaux Lake
In the narrowest part of the Okanagan Valley, south of Blue Mountain Vineyards rests the peaceful, federally designated bird sanctuary Vaseaux Lake. Located on the sparsely populated south end is our family summer cabin. Incidentally, this signature shot is a Tourism BC favourite.

Wine is in my blood (24/7). My father used to spend hours brewing up a thick, tar-like substance in the basement until our family had the financial means – and the liquor store provided the variety – to purchase better grade hooch. Then it was on to investing in a winery – Spierhead Winery, in East Kelowna, where our invested product arrived quickly and aplenty.

To top it off like a wine cork, our family cabin is located in the epicentre of Okanagan wine country (see the image right) and can reach over 80 wineries in an hour’s drive.

Tentacled grape vines encroaching into our daily lives no matter where we go. And who’s going to argue? Open another bottle.

The following series identifies wineries visited and highly recommended.

Spierhead Winery

Southern Okanagan

Hidden Chappel

Fort Berens Winery

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