Turkey Trot

Date – Monday, October 13

Distance – 10k

Time – 48:54 

Place – 125th out of 940 runners

Start/Finish Location – Performance Works on Granville Island

OMG Productions Turkey Trot
Sunrise over Granville Island en route to the Turkey Trot.


Notes  – This run is considered one of the most organized, scenic, flat and friendly runs in Vancouver. The only hill was up the Burrard Street Bridge. It included a post-race celebration with a band and catered food.

OMG Productions Turkey Trot
Purple faced post-run selfie.

The run is limited to 2000 runners however strollers are welcome. I don’t care for strollers in races. Nor, those do-everything-power-parents, monster-mommies and their over-indulged children. Perhaps someone could organize a Breeder Race? Prizes include fertility treatments and viagra.

The complimentary bike valet service was convenient. There were several young volunteers cheering people on and not a fattie in the group; way to beat childhood obesity.

I slept poorly the night before due to a nerve-wracking, horrifically gory and unrelenting season five premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Go Carol. Love that Melissa McBride.

I kicked it up a notch in the last 2k and achieved one of my best times for a 10k in over 15 years. Could it have been better without the heavy turkey loading the night before? Or did it help?

OMG Productions Turkey Trot
Cooled down. Returned to normally scheduled face colour programming.

Charity – Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society  Who do commendable work but…I have some slightly jaded opinions. Fat people shouldn’t be allowed to take donations. There, I said it.

Website – Turkey Trot

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