Smoke Bluffs 10k

My April run was the MEC Smoke Bluffs 10k and it was a killer. This was the most challenging yet.

  • Date – Saturday, April 4
  • Distance – 10k
  • Time – 1 hour 31 min
  • Place – 59th out of 67 males in the 10k race.
  • Start/Finish Location – Smoke Bluff Park in Squamish, BC
OMG Productions MEC Smoke Bluffs
Smoke Bluffs Park, Squamish, BC

It was akin to running 1/3 of the Grouse Grind followed by another 9.5k of aggressive trail running over tree roots and mud, through bogs and more. The upfront elevation gain was brutal. See the photo below.



Success and fait accompli.
Success and fait accompli.

Knowing this, I almost backed out three times:

  1. While getting out of bed that morning
  2. While getting dressed that morning
  3. While driving to Squamish on the Upper Level Highways that morning

However, I made the commitment and followed through. I completed the race in 1.5 hours.

For only $15 it was good value – a tough race, free food at the end, and none of those useless medals. Note to future race organizers – don’t bother manufacturing those dust-collecting medals. Give us food or vouchers for another race instead.

Race website

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