RocknRoll 10k

Date – Sunday October 26

Distance – 10k

Time – 52.59

Place – 277th out of ?

Seconds before the start.

Notes – I woke up late and was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready. I dashed out to Milano Coffee to get my caffeine fix before the race but there were already three people ahead of me. And the barista was moving too slow.


OMG Productions Running for a year
Ready to go with 1 minute to spare.
OMG Productions running for a year
No coffee. Heavy bags and all.


I know, I know, first world problems. But to put it in perspective, this author is poor and I paid for this race and I wanted my moneys worth and couldn’t let coffee snob hipsters ordering foo-foo lattés at 7:30am on a Sunday hold me up. For God sake, it’s Sunday. Even third world people would agree with me: they should stay in their warm bed and take full advantage of their cozy comforter and sleep-in Sunday privileges.

Hence, I skipped my beloved pre-race Milano.

It was a Philippine typhoon in Vancouver the night before and I was worried the run would be ghastly and miserable. Thankfully it wasn’t.



It was oddly peaceful and calm in Stanley Park.

OMG Productions Running for a year
About 22 minutes in, the half way mark approximately 8:10am.


OMG Productions
Coming around the bend at about the 8k mark.

Although picturesque and the first time I’ve ever experienced the sea wall that early in the morning this late in the year, the route was a little boring because I’d done it many times before – running, walking and biking. It would have been better if I had a running partner to keep me company. I only found out later some friends had run it too.

My time wasn’t as good as the Turkey Trot. Causes? An abscessed tooth, no coffee and no sleep.

OMG Productions Running for a year
Post run selfie. Got some colour back.
OMG Productions running for  a year
Post-event party.










It was a much larger, more involved run than any previous runs so far. And they sure liked to take my picture. 

The gear pick up was a full on trade show at the Vancouver Convention Centre with strollers, kids, sporto parents, merchandise, retail, sales booths and the like. Also they were too aggress with the email updates and post-event emails from sponsors.

The Rock’n Roll Half Marathon and 10k Race 2014 was a massive run event. There must be big money in these sporting events, I reckon.

At the end of the run there was a concert stage, beer garden and VIP area. Which I skipped. I went directly home to my warm bed, cozy comforter and fell asleep, taking full advantage of my first world privilege.

Charity – John Volken Academy Team Recovery (Rehab)

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Tired of the bad come down? Never get high again.
Tired of the bad come down? Never get high again.

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