Night Race 5k

Date – Friday, September 26

Distance – 5k

Time – 25.05

Place – Third in my age group! MD was 4th in her age group! Did I receive a medal? I don’t know because we didn’t stick around to find out. See below for the reason why.

Start/Finish Location – Stanley Park Pavilion by Malkin Bowl

Charity – Starlight Foundation Hospital Program

Notes  – Registration included a bright yellow shirt and a headlamp of $60 value. Batteries included. The value of the headlamp almost exceeded the cost of the race so money well spent. Once again my running mate was Ms. Marianne Demchuk.

OMG Night Race
Pre-run equipped with headlamp, glow sticks and neon face paint
OMG Productions Night Race
We’re running at night on wet leaves, down hills and along the sloppy seawall. Mouth open terror!













It was puking rain the day of. Thankfully the rain stopped a half hour before the race but the course was very wet.

I was both double booked that Friday night. After the race I had a ticket to the gala dinner fundraiser at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for The Whistler Adaptive Ski Association.  It was critical to attend because I donated three bottles of SpierHead Wines: a Riesling, a Pinot Gris and a Chardonnay.

Marianne had a special event to attend to immediately after the race as well.

OMG Productions Night Race
Pink and yellow neon and glow sticks.
OMG Productions Night Race
Headlamps on.











Hence, We Sprinted

We started at the front of the pack and flew out of the gates, sprinting the whole way. Not because we wanted to but because we couldn’t be late for our secondary commitments.

We dashed across the finish line (in record time for both of us) posed for these photos and then continued running back home in the Westend.

OMG Productions Night Race
Complete. In record time for both of us.
OMG Productions Night Race
Fait accompli en couleur












Race Review

The starting line was really congested. They let the kiddies on their 1k run first and then we were herded back in track to the front of the starting line. It was poorly engineered and crowded.

Once we we arrived at the seawall, the run was easy – just avoiding puddles. Looking back at the seawall coming around the lighthouse was a magical sight – hundreds and hundreds of  headlamps bobbing up and down.

OMG Productions Night Race
That’s the best we could do for the image, but IRL it looked amazing.


The scene resembled a-follow-the-leader white LED light parade of fireflies or salmon or a herd flowing forward at a steady pace.

OMG Productions Night Race
Everyone needs a headlamp with multiple settings: red, white and pulse. Especially for the zombie apocalypse.

We would run this race again but up it to the 10k. Besides, it helps sick children.

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