MEC 10k Inter River Ripper

It was a beautiful spring day…until I realized that I had to get up and run a 10k trail race. Vancouver’s spring has been enviably gorgeous with bursting magnolia trees and blossoms colouring every streetscape. I’m fortunate that the climate change gods cranked up the heat the year I chose to run for a year.

OMG Productions MEC
MEC Inter River Ripper 10k start/finish zone

Date – Saturday, February 28

Distance – 10k

Time – 57.48

Place – 75th out 124 males running the 10k. This MEC group is significantly more advanced than other race groups.

OMG Productions MEC

Website –

Notes –

  • Being the pro-public transit advocate that I am, I took the bus to the race. Yes, the bus. The journey did require getting up an hour earlier from my already sleep-deprived evening of tossing and turning. It took 50 minutes to arrive allowing time to finish my free McDonald’s coffee.
    OMG Productions MEC race
    Post-race selfie. Hot dude stretching behind my left shoulder.
  • There wasn’t a huge line up to collect one’s registration kit on race day.
  • No one is drug testing these events so I usually pop a 200mg Advil pre-race to ward off hip, knee and ankle complaints. This time I popped a 500mg Advil – akin to a gentle overdose. My muscles weren’t tired nor in pain, but I could have easily fallen asleep during the race. Strange. I was also the most exhausted after this race than any other, even the 15k Chilly Chase.
  • I reckon these MEC trail runs require more thoughtful pre-fueling food than half a bagel, a smoothie, coffee, and an Advil.


Post Meal Brunch was better at –

OMG Productions Catch 122
The table queue was about 10 minutes but worth it. Delicious brunch.


OMG Productions Catch 122
Highly recommended restaurant Catch 122.

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