Green Sock Half Shamrock’n Race

Date – Sunday March 15

Distance – 7 miles (11.27 km)

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Pre-race selfie of a sober Irishman Sunday morning before St. Paddy’s Day.

Time – 56.35

Place – 18th out of 125 runners for the 7 Miler
This race's souvenir was a pair of Try Events shamrock socks.
This race’s souvenir was a pair of Try Events shamrock socks.

Notes – This race offered a 5k, 7 miler, and half marathon. It was my first time running around Burnaby Lake. It was peaceful and seemingly safer than the trails in Stanley Park. The race itself was organized by the good people at Try Events. Because Saint Patrick’s Day was in 48 hours several racers were costumed or dressed in festive green in honour of Saint Patrick’s Day. I’m always amazed at spectators who come out to watch these races especially the obese mouth breathers. Are they looking for inspiration? Does watching us runners trigger their appetites? I’ll never understand.

Pre-Race Fueling
For this race I was more cautious in my pre-race fuelling than last month’s Inter River Ripper and replaced that heavy duty Advil with the following:
OMG Productions
The nature-ific 7 miler course.
  • lots of water
  • half a bagel
  • banana
  • an Americano
  • light muscle relaxer
During the race I popped a few of those overpriced sport beans. They worked well and I wasn’t in pain or tired post-race. Optimistically, I could have done the half.
The course was very springtime West Coast – damp but not raining – through bogs, swamps and forests. It was a nice change from Stanley Park. No kids, dogs or strollers. In fact, there were about 2k during the course that I didn’t see another runner. Gentle solitude.
OMG Productions Shamrock 7 Miler
A selfie on the course around the swamplands of Burnaby Lake

The only thing I can expect the night before a race is insomnia.  The worry of oversleeping or miscalculating the bus/skytrain/skytrain/bus routes to the race prevents a restful sleep. Yes, once again, I proudly took public transit out to the race course.

 Volunteers of every type
On the way out to Burnaby Lake I noticed a guy who was visually impaired -identifiable by his cane – who was taking the same bus route as myself. I’m always aware of these folks, naturally concerned for their safety.
Low and behold, I saw the same guy at the post-race food station by the free oranges and pancakes. I struck up a conversation. His name was Michael and he’s an active volunteer with these races. He was also greeted by one of the organizers. He was well-spoken, friendly and eager to ask me about my run.  He’ll be volunteering at the BMO half marathon in May. I told Michael that I am running the BMO half marathon and will say hello if I see him there.
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Fait accompli. No, I won’t be wearing a green tutu next year.
A blog post might be coming soon about my volunteer work with the CNIB.
My post race brunch was at BuckStop on Denman. It wasn’t as good as the Catch 122 brunch but the location was convenient.

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