Running For A Year

It’s important to set goals.

So I decided to set a goal to set a goal.

Frankly, I’d rather just run away from my goal.

Then I’ll run.

I’ll run one (or more) registered races a month starting July 2014 for 12 months. Welcome The OMG Running Series.

Here we go:


Vancouver Pride Run

OMG Running for a year
Oh, the Rainbow Pride colours.


Big Wild Challenge 

OMG Running for a year
Trail run and yoga


Vancouver Eastside 10k

OMG Running for a year
Good fun, popular and an interesting route.

Night Race 5k

OMG Running for year
Fun stuff.


 Turkey Trot

OMG Running for a year
Clocked my best time for a 10k

Rock’n Roll 10k

OMG Productions running for a year
I’d rather be in bed.



Historic 10k

Historic 10K - This running thing is supposed to make me look and feel better but anyone can see I'm looking more and more exhausted and unhappy.
This was a tough one.



Gunner Shaw 5k

Post Gunner Shaw selfie.
Post Gunner Shaw.





Chilly Chase

OMG Productions Chilly Chase
Feeling more confident. At least, telling myself to feel more confident.



MEC 10k Inter River Ripper

OMG Productions MEC race
Post-race selfie. Hot dude stretching behind my left shoulder.



Green Shamrock’n Race 7 Miler 

OMG Productions Try Events
A good race. Recommended.



MEC Smoke Bluffs 10k

Success and fait accompli.
Success and fait accompli.



BMO Half Marathon

OMG Productions BMO Half Blair Hirtle
Completed the half marathon.



Navy Run Esquimalt 10k

OMG Productions Race Series
Military ships beyond the finish line.



Vancouver Pride Run

The OMG Running Series
Proud runner.

Next – and the very last – in the OMG Running Series

  • Vancouver Eastside 10k in September