OMG Productions Arctic Char

Ode to An Arctic Char

Arctic char is my new salmon. And I love salmon. Arctic char the only fish species found in Lake Hazen on Ellesmere …

A Hawk Eats a Pigeon

Seen in the West End of Vancouver while walking down an alley. We need more hawks and less pigeons.

"So Mildred says to me, she says..."

Circle Farm Tour – Langley

The Fraser Valley is a farm and winery rich agricultural area about 45-60 minutes east of Vancouver. Besides the delicious corn from …


Diner En Blanc – Vancouver 2014

This marks the second time we participated in Diner En Blanc.  Over 3500 revelers in white enjoyed this pop-up-bring-your-own-everything-dinner-party. Once again we …

Mount Etna wine Sicily

Tastes Like Italy

This June we spent a few days in Rome and about 10 days in Sicily. With so many ruins, sites, attractions, churches, …