Welcome to OMG Productions. A few things about Blair Hirtle:

  • Ten plus years work experience in hospitality and tourism
  • Trained in marketing, communications, sales, event management and public relations
  • Lived in Whistler, Victoria, Montreal, Paris, Cannes and London, England
  • Travelled extensively throughout Europe, South America and Australia
  • A published author, avid snowboarder, runner and rock climber
  • Once a raver, now a budding defacement artist, but not a DJ
  • Fan of naval history especially the Age of Sail and Lord Nelson
  • Star Wars nerd
  • Loves french food, trashy biographies, disaster films, dark humour and The Walking Dead

Third Generation Vancouverite

I am also a third generation Vancouverite. My mother was born in Vancouver and my maternal grandfather was born on Vancouver Island. This is rare. Not many Vancouverites have my sense of local history:

  • Woodwards in the old Oakridge outdoor mall
  • Downloading on the Olive Chair in Whistler
  • The Okanagan valley before the wine industry
  • Yaletown full of lumber and rail yards
  • Attending Expo 86 and seeing Rainbow War
  • Vancouver in the eighties


Hence, it’s time to share a few perspectives on things Vancouver, Whistler, Okanagan and beyond.

Besides, I know this guy who is sick of me saying, “You know what I think…” and “Wouldn’t it be funny if…”

He suggested I tell the internet instead of him.

If these posts, pages, photos, artwork and peanut gallery opinions provide some entertainment than it’s worth it.

And I look to Statler and Waldorf for inspiration.


Also, I enjoy wine. My family is part owner of a winery in east Kelowna named SpierHead Winery. I grew up with my father brewing up his own wine so wine has been in my DNA since birth. Read up about Wine-y Blair.

cropped-omg4.jpgThe Old OMG

In 2003 I launched the original www.omgproductions.com and built the website by hand coding HTML long before the convenience of wordpress and word-based text editors.

Through OMG, I also worked with a few clients (DJs and artists) to provide media relations and some PR that met with notable successes.

I shut it down in 2007 when I began working for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. In retrospect, I regret that decision but with wordpress uploading content is faster, easier and I can now re-join the blogging community.