Animal Therapy – Maplewood Farm

For sensitive souls, recommends more time with animals. I don’t care for dogs: I was mauled by two german shepherds when I was ten and watched Cujo too many times.

Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver offers animal therapy for the inexpensive admission price of only $7.70 per adult.

OMG Productions Maplewood Farms
OMG. Goats. They are most friendly.


OMG Productions Maplewood Farms
It was a very caprine experience.


caprine – (adjective) of or pertaining to goats

OMG Productions Maplewood Farms
Sofie and Judy, the Hereford cows.


Horses, goats, pigs, sheep, donkey, ducks, chickens, and rabbits. They’re all named and well taken care of.

OMG Productions
Peggy (or Petunia) the pot-bellied pig

Maplewood Farm has been an operating farm since 1975 supported by fundraising, ticket prices, a little help from the municipality and a dedicated team of farm folk. Better than a therapist; animals don’t provide bad advice.

OMG Productions Maplewood Farms
The goats really enjoyed my friend’s boots. Gnawing and rubbing against them.


OMG Productions Maplewood Farm
Better than taking the kids to the mall or a movie. And we didn’t hear one squawking child during the visit. They were all magically enchanted.